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What is Cloud Computing?

Traditional business applications and platforms are too complicated and expensive. They need a data center, a complex software stack and a team of experts to run them.
This short video explains what Cloud Computing is and why it’s faster, lower cost and doesn’t eat up your valuable IT resources.

Google AdWords basics in 90 seconds

Google AdWords basics in 90 seconds

Imagine Cup: Rebuild Egypt

This year, Microsoft Egypt will hold a Local award for the best project participating in the imagine cup that is about rebuilding Egypt. Your project can be from any category of the Imagine cup. The winner of this award will be recognized and presented with the award at Microsoft Egypt on June 23rd, 2011

To qualify for this award, you will need to register at For those of you participating in categories that are still opened you will need to submit your project both at and For those of you that already participated in a category that is closed, you are still qualified for this award, you simply need to send your submission that corresponds with Round of the category to

Deadline for this award is June 16th 2011. For any questions please contact

*Please Note all Rules and Regulation so Imagine Cup apply to this award, including participant must be an Egyptian Student*

Apple iPhone 4 = TV Ad + iPod + iTunes

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPod in your phone. And you don’t have iTunes on your phone, the world’s number one music store

The Holy Shroud Film فيلم الكفن المقدس

The Holy Shroud Film فيلم الكفن المقدس

Apple iPad2

iPad 2 was launched on 2nd March 2011 at San Francisco by Steve Jobs. It is thinner, lighter and faster with two cameras for FaceTime video calls and HD video recording. Yet it still has the same 10-hour legendary battery life.

أسئلة حول الفيس بوك لأبونا داود لمعي

أسئلة حول الفيس بوك لأبونا داود لمعي

يا ريت كل الأباء والأمهات تسمعها

AMIDEAST|| iMotivate therefore iChange

iMotivate therefore iChange from AMIDEAST


الكاس لمين|| لحن انثوتى تي شوري للمرتل جاد لويس

لحن انثوتى تي شوري بصوت المرتل جاد لويس

منحة ال 100 طالب IT Gate Networking Scholarship

IT Gate Networking Scholarship
منحة ال 100 طالب
مقدمة من
Cisco Academy
Juniper Networks
Choose your Scholarship
المنحة الاولي
IT Essentials + Linux Fundamentals + Juniper Fundamentals + CCNA
Free Cisco Exam 640-802
المنحة الثانية
MCITP + Server Administrator + CCNA
Free Microsoft Exams
Free Cisco Exam 640-802
المنحة الثالثة
Free Cisco Exam 640-802
المنحة الرابعة
Linux Administrator + Linux Fundamentals + CCNA
Free Cisco Exam 640-802
Free CLA 11 Exam

شروط التقديم :
* · لا يقل سن المتقدم عن 18 سنة ولا يزيد عن 35 سنة.
* · اجتياز الاختبارات.
* · جميع المؤهلات مطلوبة.

أوراق التقديم:

* · صورة البطاقة
* · صورة آخر مؤهل
* · 2 صورة شخصية

* · السيرة الذاتية (اختياري) Read the rest of this entry
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