WEBI call for summer internship

Are you passionate about developing yourself and your skills, gaining more experience and knowing more and more about the e- business world? Would you like to identify the global challenges that obstruct the growth of digital economy, participate in raising the awareness about the importance of e-Business in the third world countries, or to get more knowledge about E-world?

If yes, WEBI is an ambitious and innovative initiative launched to help developing Global Digital Economy by gathering young entrepreneurs, internet professionals, experts and investors to propose and execute effective solutions for challenges that encounter all related parties to establish sustainable and innovative business over the internet.

If you want to BE PART OF THIS then you need to apply for world e-business initiative (WEBI) internship now for 3 month (July-September ) as we are recruiting members for the following committees:

1- Media: our creative, out of box team as it will be responsible for choosing topics related to e-business, making video reports and promoting these reports across all social media channels.

2- Social media: our most knowledgeable updated team as it will be responsible for following up the new topics of social media websites, spreading our topics and discussions through all social media capacity.

3- Public relations: our image & reputation team, as it will be responsible for contacting local media in Egypt and global media online beside preparing our newsletter.

4- Fundraising: our sponsors’ attainable team, it will be responsible for attracting sponsors’ to cover different events and update them with packages and prepare them for future opportunities

5- International relations: our hand with the world team, build and organize relations with the world countries.

6- Planning and Developing committee: our content lover team , it will be responsible for events , conference and presentations content .

who is eligible :
1- interested to fulfill online and non online tasks
2- Interested in the world of e-business
3- Active , ambitious individuals looking for new experience .

Please download the application by clicking on the following link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24808386/WEBI%20application.docx
Kindly send the filled application to internship@worldebusiness.org

deadline for receiving your applications is 15 june
for more info visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/worldebusiness
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=203512833026929 


About Joseph Guirguis

Egyptian Student At Faculty of Science, ASU, interested in Web Design & Web Development, loves CMS, Google, Microsoft, Social Networks, Blogging & Web Browsing.

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