Cairo StartUp Cup Competition

Cairo Start Up Cup Competition

Important dates: ‘April 15th, 2013 ‘ event date, Registration deadline June 8th

Looking to launch a new business or take an existing business to the next level. This mentor driven business building competition will connect you the resources and people that will help you in the creation of a sustainable business. What is your big idea? Deadline is June 8. APPLY NOW!

بتحلم ان تبدأ مشروعك الخاص او تكبر مشروعك الحالى .. انك تكون اهم رائد اعمال فى مصر لعام 2013 .. ادخل التحدى بمشروعك فى كايرو ستارت آب كاب ..و من خلال خبرات اللى هتكتسبها فى ورش العمل و مع الخبراء و المستثمرين اللى هتتواصل معاهم .. اكبر
بمشروعك و حقق حلمك .. آخر ميعاد للتقديم 8 يونيه .. قدم الآن


About Joseph Guirguis

Egyptian Student At Faculty of Science, ASU, interested in Web Design & Web Development, loves CMS, Google, Microsoft, Social Networks, Blogging & Web Browsing.

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