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What Do You Love? from Google

Puppies? Space travel? Chocolate cake? For anything you love, get even more into it by searching numerous Google products from one place. What do you love?


Declutter and Organize Your Desktop with Fences

If you would rather keep all the stuff on the desktop then I suggest you have a look into Fences. You can download and use the community edition of Fences for free.
Fences lets you organize Windows desktop items into different categories. It does a great job and picks up items to put in different categories automatically. For the ones that are left out, you should evaluate if that item is worth being left on your desktop and then either move it or categorize it into one of the default categories.

Declutter and Organize Your Desktop With Fences

Declutter and Organize Your Desktop With Fences

In addition to that you can create your own categories and layouts. The thing with using Fences is that you can have a desktop full of junk and still make it look pretty. How is that you might wonder? Well just double-click on the desktop and Fences will hide all the icons and files on the desktop. Double-click again and you have them back.
So how do you keep your desktop neat and clean? Any special tools or tricks that you would like to share with us?

Academic Earth Website – Great Academic Lectures Website

Website URL:
Academic Earth is an organization founded with the goal of giving everyone on earth access to a world-class education.
As more and more high quality educational content becomes available online for free, we ask ourselves, what are the real barriers to achieving a world class education?  At Academic Earth, we are working to identify these barriers and find innovative ways to use technology to increase the ease of learning.
Academic Earth is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Academic Earth Website

Academic Earth Website

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