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Orange Labs Competition: “Mobile for the Poor”

Mobile4Poor Competition

Mobile4Poor Competition

– Vision

The Orange Labs Competition is a contest initiated by Orange Labs in Egypt to support students, innovators, developers, engineers and entrepreneurs to create innovative ICT prototypes targeting urban populations and slums to improve their lives.

Prototypes could be mobile or web based.  Hardware solutions are also possible as far as the solution at the end will be using the mobile network.  Mobile solutions are not limited to simple downloadable applications but could be an application that interacts with the operator (Ex: SMS, IVR, USSD applications).

Ideas could be in the domain of:

  • Mobile terminals / OS
  • Content
  • Services
  • Infrastructure network

A filtration process will take place for all participants and the 25 short listed participants will compete for the final and will be offered training on Orange Emrginov Platform to use it (if they wish) in implementing their ideas and delivering a working prototype.

– The Contest Categories

The contest categories are open for applications serving and finding solutions for the challenges facing the urban poor populations or Egyptian slums.

– Who Can Apply?

  1. Students.
  2. Professional Developers and programmers.
  3. Engineers and Researchers.
  4. Entrepreneurs.

* For fairness reasons, companies will not be able to apply, but rather only individuals. Teams are allowed.

– Intellectual Property Rights

  •  Judges will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Contestants fully own the intellectual property rights of their solutions/prototypes.

For more info visit the competition website:

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