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The TIEC Ambassador Program (TAP) 2012-2013

TIEC believes that youth are powerful agents of change, actively working together to find solutions to present-day problems in order to create a better future. Their talents and abilities must be nurtured and reinforced as they become mature and influential adult leaders who will build new opportunities for new generations

Program Details

The TIEC Ambassadors Program (TAP), sponsored by the Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, gives Egyptian university students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship first-hand and to broaden their understanding of technology innovation. Through workshops, seminars and conferences in various parts of Egypt, the program is designed to help prepare these participants in youth leadership development, innovation management and entrepreneurial skills, and it promotes mutual understanding between the ICT cluster and university students.

Through the TIEC Ambassadors Program, 2 students will be chosen from eachEgyptian University (public and private) to represent their university at TIEC and to promote TIEC initiatives in their ICT collages. The chosen students will form a league of ambassadors that meet monthly at a different university premises every time to share knowledge and experiences. The League will also participate in an annual conference, related to the theme of ‘innovation’ and “entrepreneurship”. The program will provide opportunities for participants to interact with the ICT community and with mentors.

Benefits Include

  • Recruitment, selection and orientation of the participants.
  • Hosting the participants from outside Cairo while they engage in one to one mentorship interaction, and activities geared to expose participants to the innovation & entrepreneurship culture of the ICT cluster.
  • Being part of the ICT cluster network.
  • TIEC will sponsor your events at your collage.
  • Free training in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Invitation to TIEC workshops and seminars.


The program is open to Egyptian University Students in the second or third year in a collage of ICT discipline, part of the student union and have demonstrated leadership qualities and are interested in promoting TIEC programs at their local communities, and have some knowledge of English.

Please download and fill the registration form and send it to Please indicate TAP in the subject area.

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